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Morelli Food Service

Via Stazione, 24 38050 - Novaledo (TN)
Tel. +39 0461 721370
Fax +39 0461 720051
P.IVA 00811560226


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H.A.C.C.P. System

Control plan declaration CE n. 852/2004

Control plan supervisor: Lorenzo Morelli

This hereby declares, in reference to the arrangements of EC Regulation n.852 of 2004’s “Regulations of the European Government and Council of April 29, 2004, on the hygiene of food”, to apply as part of its commercial activities, in compliance with current legislation on the subject, a personalised hygienic sanitised control system based on HACCP principles. In particular, you acknowledge to have prepared and applied the hygienic santised control plan, in relation to your work cycle, from the receipt of products and raw materials, to the storage phase up to the sale to customers. In this regard, the Company:

  1. Implemented staff training on the correct procedures relating to hygiene to adopt inside the facility;
  2. Named the control plan supervisor;
  3. Implements a hygiene program for supervision of the spaces;
  4. Implements a warehouse storage supervision program;
  5. Implements a hygiene program for the control of distribution;
  6. Implements a hygiene program for the supervision and health of the staff;
  7. Performs statistical data controls on critical points (cell temperature, cleaning, rodent control);
  8. Inform customers that products sold by this company will soon come with documentation and certifications guaranteeing their quality.

Such is communicated in compliance with legal guidelines that govern this specific industry.


Pergine, 18/01/2019

Lorenzo Morelli

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