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Morelli Food Service

Via Stazione, 24 38050 - Novaledo (TN)
Tel. +39 0461 721370
Fax +39 0461 720051
P.IVA 00811560226


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“Morelli Food Service” of Giuseppe Morelli is a company based in the industrial area of Novaledo and which has been operating in the wholesale market for almost five generations, exactly 124 years. As a matter of fact, Giuseppe Morelli – founder of the current business and the owner who gave his surname to the company – founded the first family business back in 1880, specializing in flour milling, trade of cereals and the production of good and natural cold meats and salamis which contributed to bring moments of true joy and a friendly atmosphere on the tables of many residents of Trento at a time when life was certainly not easy.

Decades went by inexorably and Augustino, the son of Giuseppe, took over at the company; fortunately, with the passing of the years, even the economic conditions of Trentino and Valsugana changed and the market gave rise to new needs. By accepting the challenge of the new times, in 1980, the Morelli family decided to change its business from a store supplier to a catering partner: so "Morelli Food Service" was founded, a very popular brand and nowadays a leader in business and public catering, from hotels, restaurants and pizzerias to hospitals, nursing homes and school cafeterias.

In October 2003, "Morelli Food Service" welcomed the establishment of its new high-tech logistics center, 3600 indoor square meters (a 5600-cubic meter refrigerated area including cells for the storage of fresh and frozen products) which extends itself over a 10 thousand-square meter area.

Not just enough time to celebrate this important moment and here comes the new cash & carry, a large exhibition space where you can find isles dedicated to specific fresh products, meat, fruit and vegetables, frozen products, for catering, but also a wide range of pots and pans, glasses, porcelain, catering products in general as well as for hygiene.

In other words, when you hear that "Morelli Food Service" is a reliable partner for restoration, it is not just a neatly packed and winning slogan. Rather, the phrase itself implies 124 years of this very special family’s history. The Morelli family will certainly be able to gradually add some new and fascinating chapters to this glorious story thanks to its experience, professionalism and good quality products.

And who knows for how many more generations…