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Morelli Food Service

Via Stazione, 24 38050 - Novaledo (TN)
Tel. +39 0461 721370
Fax +39 0461 720051
P.IVA 00811560226


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Morelli: the image evolves, the style is consolidated

Brace yourselves: MORELLI changes its logo and takes the opportunity to relaunch its own image that was acquired and reinforced with many years of commercial, operational and service professionalism. The image changes but not the habit of fully satisfying its customers.

MORELLI, a beautiful story to tell with so many values and positive things to preserve. This is why the serious work project was brought in an evolution direction rather than a revolution.

The result? As can be seen, MORELLI is represented with a new logo that gives up the CS element, which is no longer present, but keeps some key elements expressed in the previous logo such as the “M”, now more valued and modern as well as the deserved and confirmed original red.

To complete the restyling, there had to be the new caption specifying the actual business: FOOD SERVICE

But Morelli’s latest news and surprises do not end here and we will make you “taste” them in the coming months of 2017. We cannot wait to bring these surprises into your kitchens, hotels, bars or canteens and maybe within your next orders.

MORELLI, a new logo that wants to communicate service and convenience that is up with the times!